• Dr. Yousaf Ali Assistant Professor, Abasyn University
  • Dr Raza Rahman Khan Qazi Independent Researcher and Academic
  • Imran Khan PhD research scholar at Area Study Centre for Central Asia, Russia & China, University of Peshawar.



The relations between China and Pakistan have frequently been compared to the Himalayas in height, the Indian Ocean in depth, and even the relationship between brothers in terms of sweetness. The relationship between China and Pakistan has often been referred to by its leaders as a "all-weather friendship.". However, in the final analysis relations between and among states are determined by respective national interests, or, to put it another way, by reason rather than passion. The framework of national interest must therefore be used in any analysis of Sino-Pak relations. In order to forecast where Sino-Pak relations will be in the next 10years, the article gives an overview of Sino-Pak relations using a linear paradigm. The article has two sections. The first section charts out the trajectory of incumbent relations and its foreshadowing ties between the two countries in the third term of President Xi Jinping. The second sections more closely focuses on the trajectory of relations over 10 year period.


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Ali, D. Y., Qazi, R. R. K., & Khan, I. (2022). FORECASTING LINEAR DYNAMICS OF SINO-PAK RELATIONS (2023-2038). Journal of Pakistan-China Studies (JPCS), 3(1), 87–101.